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"It is my goal to help you learn about yourself and what you are experiencing, so you can begin to heal, and grow as a result" 

Individual Therapy

In individual therapy, I integrate a person-centered approach with a somatic (body-based) approach to help you understand and process your thoughts, feelings, and emotions along with your bodily reactions to what you are going through. In individual therapy, we will work as a team to reach your therapeutic goals. I work with a variety of client issues and concerns and have a particular interest in the issues listed below.

Life Transitions

Transitions happen throughout life and it seems that no matter how many we go through they never get easier. Establishing new routines and goals takes some trial and error, and comes with growing pains. Through therapy, we can help make these transitions easier by working with the thoughts and feelings that come with these transitions, and figure out what your goals and values are and how they can integrate within this new chapter in your life. 


Often we don’t notice stress and burnout right away then they catch up with us. Stress and burnout can come with symptoms like exhaustion, tension held throughout the body, and inability to focus. By working with your nervous system, your beliefs about stress and burnout, and your thoughts and values we can work toward making life feel more manageable and reduce stress symptoms. 

Chronic Illness

Whether you have just been diagnosed with a chronic illness, or have been living with a chronic illness for a while, coming to terms with what you are going through can be a lot - the words frustrating, scary, and hopeless come to mind. When it comes to chronic illness I take a gentle approach to help clients process what they are going through and what this means for their life, with the hope of empowering my clients.


Anxiety affects many people in many different ways. If you're coming to therapy for anxiety we will work with your thoughts, triggers, and your nervous system to understand your anxiety and why it shows up when it does. Through understanding your anxiety we can start to work with it, rather than against it, with the goal of making it more manageable and less debilitating.

Couples Therapy

Couples are complex and each relationship comes with a history and story. Therefore, in couples therapy, I  tailor my approach to you and your partner to reach your therapeutic goals. Couples therapy can be used to work through a variety of problems couples face including working through and processing conflict, improving communication, and improving intimacy and connection.

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I am based in Ottawa, and am able to practice throughout Ontario via video therapy. 

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